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Located in Mesana Village of Paphos district, funded by the Agrotourism Funding Scheme of the EU, fully licensed by COT, and right in the centre of one of the most beautiful, natural areas of the island, Boubouki  is the ideal retreat for those seeking peace, quiet and inspiration. It’s a perfect retreat for  solo travellers, couples and families, since it combines tranquility with adventure. The name of the village, “Mesana”, reflects the “in-between” identity of its location, since the village has existed between other villages and has been a link to many interesting places and sights from its very birth. Our cottage, “Boubouki”, which means “blossom”, is a hidden gem in the very heart of this small and quiet village, combining tradition with modernity.  Whether you are an active walker wishing to explore the numerous hiking routes of the area, a nature-loving family, an artist looking for inspiration or a couple that wishes to stay away from noisy tourist retreats, Boubouki is the ideal place for your holidays, available at all seasons.

The cottage can accommodate up to 6 guests. Its facilities include: a master bedroom, a twin bedroom, a twin bed couch, a fully equipped kitchen (including washing machine), iron, toilet/shower, fans, heating, a small fireplace (the traditional “tsiminia”), LED TV, radio, wifi, a cosy antique living room and dining room, a veranda with breathtaking views of the mountains, a big garden with wild trees and flowers, and a swimming pool for total relaxation.

Mesana village, included in the wine villages of Cyprus,  is also very close to another beautiful village – Salamiou (2 minutes by car / 10 minutes on foot) – where there is a tavern, a mini market, the Centre of Environmental Education, an open air cinema, Salamiou Medical Centre, as well as other facilities. Boubouki is only 30-35 minutes away from the city of Paphos and its amazing museums and beaches and close to Arminou Dam, Dhiarizos Valley, Tzelefos Medieval Bridge, The Monastery of the Virgin Mary the Salamiotissa, natural/cycling paths and several other sights.

Boubouki used to be my grandmother’s house, the home of Marianna Christofidou. Before that it used to be the school of Mesana village, and at some point its ground floor was used as a warehouse for the storing of raisins. We will do our best to make you feel at home because this place was, is, and will always be an important part of our lives!

Looking forward to welcoming you to our world!

Please, feel at home!




Tzelefos bridge/river! Only 15 minutes away from Boubouki…

And the telescope “Sky Watcher” at Boubouki, exclusively for our guests…


NEWS! Boubouki was selected to be featured in the BBC reality documentary “Get Away for Winter”, which presented four properties in Cyprus (20th February 2018): https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b09svzmh