Boubouki Writer’s Residency


boubouki 2


Boubouki has no restrictions regarding the theme of the writer’s work (starting or in progress), although the produced work is encouraged to have certain influences by the landscape and identity of Cyprus. Applications are required and quality of work is taken into serious consideration (especially freshness in style, innovation in narrative technique and form, as well as mixed media experimentation). Each application should include the following info (in english): a photo / a short bio / a project proposal / samples of previous work / proposed duration of stay /contact details (sent electronically to Residencies at Boubouki can last from  2 weeks  to 6 weeks only and can take place in either November or February (or depending on the cottage’s availability during the whole year / March is occasionally included as well). Boubouki can only accept 4 writers/artists per year, who will need to cover their travel and living cost, as well as their accommodation cost, which is, however, significantly reduced to only 150 Euro per week. Writers/artists, once accepted and officially invited to Boubouki, are advised to apply for funding from other sources (cultural organizations, Ministries, Embassies etc.). Boubouki accommodates up to 2 writers/artists at the same time only, in order to secure each writer’s/artist’s seclusion and privacy. Bikes are available and free for the writers/artists in residence. A mini library is also available (with literature books, mostly in english and greek), as well as a laptop (upon request), note pads, pens and pencils. Boubouki also offers an operating typewriter for those wishing to use it. The writers/artists in residence and their work are presented electronically through websites, blogs and social media. Finally, at the end of each residency the writer/artist in residence is usually presented to the public through a reading event and/or a workshop.

* priority is given to writers, but artists of other mediums are also welcome, especially if they propose a collaboration with a writer *


Mesana village Council / aRttitude / PLATO Educational Services / Inprima / Exertus Services




The writer Kit Kelen in collaboration with the artist Carol Archer, originally from Australia and currently living in Macao, China




carol's painting

painting inspired by Mesana village, by CAROL ARCHER

photos from KIT KELEN’s Poetry Workshop, within the framework of Boubouki Writer’s Residency programme, hosted at WRITE CY


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